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Chicago Founders’ Stories

Chicago Founders’ Stories @ 1871 – Presented By INCISENT Labs

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The Chicago start-up community is thriving—and there is nothing more valuable than learning from the successes and challenges of Chicago’s leading tech entrepreneurs. That’s why INCISENT Labs, in collaboration with the CEC and 1871, has created a new tradition for our start-up community: Chicago Founders’ Stories @1871 – Presented by INCISENT Labs

Hosted by INCISENT Founder Pat Ryan, Chicago Founders’ Stories is a monthly, ongoing series inspired by Chris Dixon’s ever-popular Founder Stories on TechCrunch.

We’ve switched it up a bit, ordering in pizza and beer and hosting our interviews in front of a live audience @1871 with digitally submitted Q&A. Since we typically sell out, we’ve been recording these discussions and posting the videos online for those who couldn’t make it to the live event.

Chicago Founders’ Stories interviews are designed to get behind the headlines of each entrepreneur’s story and break down their successes and challenges so that others can gain deep insights on critical topics such as Solving for Product-Market Fit, Making Two-Sided Networks and Marketplaces Work, Getting Funded, Creating the Right Team and the like.

We hope that you enjoy the videos and will join us at an upcoming Chicago Founders’ Stories event @1871, Chicago’s new digital start up hub.

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