Disruptive innovations—transformational solutions.

INCISENT Labs, founded and led by Pat Ryan, serves as a platform for creating disruptive innovations that transform traditional industries. We start with a vision—a break away solution for a deep-rooted problem. From there, we fundamentally reimagine and reengineer conventional business practices by creating groundbreaking new products.

INCISENT Labs teams specialize in creating and evolving prototype products until they reach optimal Product- Market Fit; winning products graduate to the Incubator phase, where we transform innovative products into startup companies poised for dramatic growth. Our Labs Team is currently working on Project Selfridge which will be our most transformational company yet.

In addition to transforming a revolutionary vision into a high growth company, INCISENT Labs Investments typically provides Seed and Series A funding to companies created out of INCISENT Labs. INCISENT Labs Investments also occasionally invests at the Seed Stage and Series A in promising digital start-ups founded by others.

Companies We've Created: Our first two start-ups were analytics based B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies with a focus on what is now popularly called "Big Data":

  • Transforming the Classified Ad for the Internet Age

    MAX is revolutionizing online inventory ads for the Internet age by placing the focus where it belongs: on the consumer. Learn more about how MAX was born in INCISENT Labs and launched as a company in early 2011. MAX gathers virtually everything about each specific car from across the Internet, identifying the most relevant attributes and creates online ads "as if the consumer wrote an ad for the car they wanted to buy."

  • Transforming Traditional Industry: Getting the Automotive Industry “Off Its Gut”

    FirstLook offers innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) based inventory management systems that are transforming the most traditional of industries: automotive. Learn more about how our first company is enabling the automotive industry to rapidly evolve so that it can survive today and thrive in the future.

  • FirstLook: 4th Fastest-Growing Software Company in the U.S.

    In 2008, FirstLook's dramatic growth earned the rank of #4 fastest-growing software company in Inc. Magazine's prestigious Inc. 500 rankings- the highest ranking ever by a Chicago based software company. MAX, our newest business, has already outpaced this dramatic growth in its first full year.